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Places of Worship in Cornwall

Please note that this is far from a comprehensive list of places of worship in Cornwall.
Although we are doing our best to identify as many places as possible, there are many that are not very well publicised (often by choice). Even those that we have tracked down are often short of details.
Although we may have the town or village in which these places of worship are situated, often we are not provided with the name of the street. (You can not always rely on the church being in Church Road!).
Most of the contact details available have not or can not be verified and may well be out-of-date. We have chosen to leave these out except where they appear on a current church website.
We would be most appreciative of any feedback that helps to improve the information so, if you are involved with or have any connection with any of these places of worship or you have information about some that we do not have listed, please drop us an email at Visiting Cornwall.

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