Mevagissey harbour  Visiting Cornwall Logo - background is part of Bodmin Moor as seen from Jamaica Inn at Altarnun. The road in the picture is the main A30 through Cornwall. Eden Project near St Austell 

About Visiting Cornwall

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  Visiting Cornwall is a creation of Amdow Web Design.
Although based for many years in West Sussex, this web design company is headed by a cornishman, Alan Dowling, who went to the South East in the summer of 1992 to gain further experience in the IT field. He was a Senior Business Analyst with a major government department until his retirement in 2012.
Alan is a member of the British Computer Society.
Now he has returned to Cornwall and is living quite near the house in St Austell where he was born.
His in-laws are in the tourist industry near Helston.
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  Vision and Objectives
  It is our vision for this website to provide as much information as possible for visitors to Cornwall. In doing so, we will also be providing that same information to the many other people with an interest in Cornwall that may never have the opportunity to visit it in person.
We are also striving to meet our costs through encouraging relevant advertising on our website at affordable prices. (See our advertising page for details of our low cost advertising rates.)
  Quality of Information
  Although we make every effort to confirm the validity of information on this website, it is not always possible to obtain corroborating evidence. Where information is supplied directly by the proprietor of the establishment, that information is generally accepted as being correct.
If you discover an error or inaccuracy in any information on this website we would be grateful to know of it and will take steps to correct it as soon as possible. Please notify
  Submitting your information
  When supplying information regarding a business or event within Cornwall we would appreciate it if you could supply as much relevant information as possible.

For business information, please let us know:
  • the nature of the business
  • the address of the business (including postcode)
  • the business telephone number (with dialling code)
  • the Fax number (if you have one)
  • the business email address (if you have one)
  • and the website address of the business (if it has one)
See our advertising page for details of our low-cost rates.
For an event taking place in Cornwall (there is no charge for adding a Calendar event), please let us know:
  • the nature of the event
  • the date of the event
  • the time at which it starts
  • a telephone number for more information (if there is one)
  • an email address for more information (if there is one)
  • and the website address for the event (if it has one)
Please send the information by email, if possible, to or by telephoning 07711 468 274 or 0845 468 0030 and providing us with the details.
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