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Sennen Cove Lifeboat Station
Sennen Cove Lifeboat Station

Sennen Cove is situated just one mile northeast of Land's End, and is the most westerly lifeboat station in mainland Britain. (The St Mary's Lifeboat Station is further west on the Isles of Scilly.) The RNLI built a boathouse at the top of the beach in 1853, to house a 25ft Peake class pulling (rowing & sailing) lifeboat, and extended it in 1864 when a larger 33ft self-righting lifeboat, Cousins William and Mary Ann of Bideford, was sent to the station.
In 1876 a new boathouse was built on the landward side of the road. This housed the 34ft Denzil and Maria Onslow but in 1896 the boathouse was replaced by a new one on the site of the original building. This was to house the 35ft Ann Newbon that replaced the Denzil and Maria Onslow in 1893.
A 40ft self-righting motor lifeboat, The Newbons was sent to the station in 1922. In preparation for this the boathouse was given a new slipway in 1919 and a turntable was provided inside so that the lifeboat could be hauled up the slipway bow-first and then turned ready for its next service. Ten years later a second slipway was provided.
In 1994 an Inshore Lifeboat, D-450 Anthony was added to the station. This is kept in the boathouse. Originally it was launched by being lifted onto the slipway by crane and taken down to the water on a carriage, but a new slipway was provided to make launching it easier at low tide. At the same time the boathouse was modified to take a longer Tyne Class boat, and in 2001 the roof was removed and replaced by a new one high enough to accommodate the taller and faster Tamar Class lifeboat. New crew facilities were installed at the same time.

The motorised lifeboats have been: 1922 - 1948 (ON674) The Newbons 40 foot motorised Peake class, 1948 - 1973 Susan Ashley a 41 foot Watson class, 1973 - 1991 Diana White a Rother class (37 foot 6 inches), 1991 - 1998 The Four Boys a Mersey class (38 foot), 1998 - 2010 Norman Salvesen a Tyne class (47 foot) and from 2010 City of London III a Tamar class.

Tamar class City of London III off Cape Cornwall on 18th January 2010  
(Left) City of London III off Cape Cornwall on 18th January 2010 Image by Terry George of the Sennen Cove lifeboat crew

Inshore Lifeboats: D-450 Anthony (1994 - 1996), D-490 Spirit of the ACC (1996 - 2004) and Spirit of the RLC, funded by the British Army (from 2004).

Sennen Cove Lifeboat Station website

Sennen Cove Lifeboat Videos

Edward and Barbara Prigmore on relief at Sennen Cove in 2009

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