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Rane Beach and Stanbury Beach

There are two beaches at Stanbury Mouth. They are divided by Rane Point. The larger beach to the north is Stanbury Beach, with Hippa Rock to the north of it, and the southern beach is Rane Beach, with Lower Sharpnose Point to the south of it. Stanbury Beach is the most northerly beach in Cornwall.
The sandy areas of the beach, more of the rocky outcrops and a few areas of pebbles are revealed as the tide goes out. As the access to the beach is not very easy it is usually quite a quiet beach.

Access on foot only - half mile walk from the nearest public road at Stanbury. Nearest village is Morwenstowe, about of a mile to the north.

Swimming & Surfing
Swimming can be dangerous. Low and turning tides are best avoided
See surf guide

No facilities

Free parking is available for 24 cars on grass about a mile up the lane towards Stanbury (due east).

Dog Friendly
Dogs allowed at all times.

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